This project would not have been possible without the assistance of the following individuals and organizations who generously loaned photographs or otherwise contributed to the project:

An African American Album
was approved and endorsed by
the Library Board of Trustees for the
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
James Dennis Rash, 1991 Chairman
Eleanor R. Morris, Vice Chairman
Millie Dalton Cox
John T. Fielder
The Reverend Calvin A. Hood
Robert C. Sink Calvin Wallace, Jr. and
Robert E. Cannon, Secretary/Treasurer and Director of Libraries
Mrs. Kelly Alexander, Sr.
Mildred P. Alridge
Anita Baldwin
Mrs. Miriam Grigsby Bates
Marjorie Belton
Minnie Alma Blake
Geraldine Johnson Blenman
The Reverend and Mrs. Ray A. Booton
Mrs. Jeanne Brayboy
Bernard L. Brown
Ethel Bryant
Ethel M. Cannon
Joan and John Carrothers
The Charlotte Observer Library
The Charlotte Post
Philip Cherry
Mrs. B. Pauline Hoover Coffey
Charles E. Coffey
Franklin Coley & Family
Thelma M. Colston
Deborah J. and Katie Craig
Dorothy Neal Crockett
James G. Crosby
Judy Crumpler
Gwendolyn Cunningham
Thelma C. Currence
Annie Mae Dale
Price F. Davis
Robbie Dolphus
Reginald Douglas
C. Morgan Edwards
Mrs. S. D. Elkins
Vermelle Ely
First United Presbyterian Church
Johnny Gray
Ophelia Carson Gray
 Andrew Grier
Mrs. Floretta Douglas Gunn
Joseph Walter Harper, III
Frances Wright Hayden
Mrs. Eva C. Houston
Adelaide Hunt
Vincent Ingram
Vivian Irving
Maye Tyson Jackson
Robert A. Jackson
Jerald Melberg Gallery Inc.
Eloise McKinney Johnson
Esther Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) Library
Ione Jones
Virginia E. Keogh
Alice H. Kibler
The Sam Kirkpatrick Family
Knight Foundation
M. L. LaNey
Aurelia Liston Law
Vera W. Lewers
Gloria D. McClain
Robenia D. McCullough
Mrs. Minnie McKee
Mrs. Laura Spears Malone
Marion P. Watermann Manigault
Pecola A. Maxwell
Ladd May
Trilby P. Meeks
Evelyn H. Monteith
Mrs. Bessie Watkins Mulliens
Dee Dee Murphy
Rolfe Neill
Dennis Nodine
 National Primitive Baptist Convention
Martha Parks
Robert Parks
Gertrude Harper Pearson
Nancy E. Pethel
Mrs. Gladys Graves Pharr
Jacqueline A. Pharr
Samuel Pittman
L. E. Poe
Lew Powell
Lydia Pride
Marilyn Pride
Queens College Library
Elizabeth S. Randolph
Sam Reid
Al Ricks
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Rippy
Elder Thomas W. Samuels
Martha Eve Schneck
Second Ward National Alumni Association
Matthew Shute
Mr. and Mrs. Gerson Stroud
The Reverend Morgan W. Tann
Anita Thornton
Kenneth Vinson
The Vinson Family
Derrick Wallace
Theodora Hendry Washington
Ellen Watte
Tommy Williams
Mrs. Cecelia Jackson Wilson
Paula Wilson
Virginia Wood
Mrs. Carolyn Wyche
Mrs. Maria Wynn