An African American Album, the Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County was published by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in 1992. The book, now out of print, is made up of photographs donated by community members. These compelling images reflect African-American Life in the years before 1950.
Vermelle Diamond
Second Ward High School
Second Ward Cheerleaders and the Basketball Team
Sewing Class, West Charlotte High School
West Charlotte High School Senior Prom
The Junior Band, West Charlotte High School
West Charlotte's All-Star Champion Basketball Team
J. E. Grigsby and Clinton L. Blake
"Chums" at Second Ward High School
Winter Scene, Johnson C. Smith University
The Blacksmith Shop and Print Shop, Biddle University
Class of 1894, Biddle University
Commencement Banquet at Johnson C. Smith University
Reverend Yorke Jones and Biddle Hall
Celebration of Founding of Johnson C. Smith University and of its President
Dr. and Mrs. H. L. McCrorey
Dr. and Mrs. Theophilus McKinney and Dr. and Mrs. Hardy Liston
Miss JCSU and the Homecoming Court and Students in Their Dormitory Room
Carter Hall, Biddle University
Cooking School Sponsored by the Works Progress Administration
Work - 01
Work - 02
The Afro American Newspaper Carriers
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the AME Zion Publishing House
W. C. Smith
J. T. Williams and the Williams House
Caldwell W. Phifer and His Crew
Construction Workers and Coal Deliverymen
Joseph Richmond and Ned Davis
The Hotel Alexander
The Excelsior Club and Its Board of Directors
A Late 1940s Street Scene in Brooklyn
Fifth Annual Session Colored Undertakers of North Carolina
Samuel and Cecelia Richardson
Cordelia Russell Stiles
Waiters and Waitresses
Martha Johnson and John Winfield Schenck
George Parks
Charles Schenck
Good Samaritan Hospital and Dr. James A. Pethel
Nellie McKenzie and Dr. Roy S. Wynn
Edgar J. Phillips and the Service Barber Shop
Sallie Phelps and the Brevard Street Library for Negroes
Henry and Mariah Houston
Advertisements for Black Businesses
Charlotte Doctors
Sergeant Major Zachariah Alexander