Get QuickTime 3

The African American Album uses Apple's QuickTime 3 to deliver digital media.

Apple's QuickTime 3 software allows you to play digital video and audio clips on your computer's desktop. If you don't have QuickTime 3, you can download it FREE from the Apple Computer Web site.

To get QuickTime 3:

1. Download QuickTime 3 to your computer from the Apple's web site.

2. From your computer desktop, install QuickTime 3 into your system.

3. If you have a Macintosh computer, restart your computer.

4. Return to the African American Album site and begin exploring.

NOTE: Apple's QuickTime 3 software is free. It will allow you to view and hear digital media on your your computer desktop. QuickTime 3 Pro is the advanced version of the software. It can be purchased from Apple, but is not required to view media at the site.