July 15, 1972 - The Charlotte Three are convicted of firebombing.
Three Charlotteans, including T. J. Reddy, are convicted of setting fire to a barn that kills fifteen horses at the Lazy B. Stables. The three black men deny involvement. The controversial trial and lengthy prison terms draw international attention. Amnesty International condemns the trial and harsh sentences. The case becomes known as "The Charlotte Three."

Reddy is sentenced to 25 years in prison. His attorney, James Ferguson, will appeal to the federal court in 1974, claiming the men did not receive a fair trial because two key prosecution witnesses were promised money. After three and a half years in Camp Greene Prison, T.J. Reddy will be released. T. J. Reddy is now a Charlotte artist and poet.
Reddy (with suitcase) leaves the courthouse with fellow defendant Charles Parker. Photo of Reddy and Charles Parker
Reddy walks out of Camp Greene Prison after three and a half years.

Photo of Reddy